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Mrs. Doyle

Had to share this awesome portrait of Mrs. Doyle for any Father Ted fans out there.


doyle-01Back in the parochial house of Craggy Island we find ourselves, and it’s small wonder we’re being offered a cup of tea from Mrs. Doyle. Go on go on go on go on go on go on. The suitably over-the-top housekeeper and virtual carer for Ted and company has a mug prepared for every occasion, but she’s not just a tea lady; she can often be found digging ditches and falling off the roof. The place would go to pot without her.

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Double The Fun

Shoutout to creative friends x

Jill's Art Journal

I wanted to give a shout out for Jodi at Life In Between and her daughter-in-law, Colleen for their Etsy shop – McKinney x 2 Designs!  I purchased a little gift for a friend and one of Jodi’s beautiful watercolor cards.  I am very pleased with the quality of their artwork and the fast service, right to my door!  They look like they will be doubly successful – YAY!


Speaking of FUN!  Here is a rainbow of Gelli prints I did yesterday:


I did some on 90 lb hot press watercolor paper and some on deli paper.  I used Golden Fluid Acrylics.  It was super fun to mix the colors and try a variety of stencils and other patterns.


One such experiment was using a domino to imprint patterns:

imageDouble the fun to create the papers and use them in a collage some day…

Cheers! :-)

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Defying the Odds!

Great post about the anthology for Sturge Weber from Yvette 😃

Yvette Carol, Children's Writer

Twenty nine years ago, Christopher Campbell was born with Sturge-weber Syndrome. His parents were told their beautiful baby would not live past two years of age.


But Christopher defied the odds. Despite the seizures, despite the surgeries, and despite the pain, he has grown up.  He leads a full life on the farm with his family. He is a black belt in karate. Helped by his loving parents and big family, his progress has been enabled no doubt by a great deal of love and support. It’s commendable he’s achieved so much and yet, the reality is he suffers multiple seizures, and endures regular surgical and medical procedures while the experts turn him into a human pincushion.


One of the problems faced by Christopher, his family, and other families in their position is that very little is known about Sturge-weber.

‘Sturge-Weber Syndrome is a rare brain disorder,’ said Robyn

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The Book Launch!

Woohoo Yvette!

Yvette Carol, Children's Writer

The expectation vs. the reality~

set up for launch

My expectation of the book launch was that I was going to spend the daytime doing home beauty treatments: facials, hair masques, exfoliation, nail polish, ringlets, etc, getting glammed up at my leisure. The reality was I spent the entire time up until half an hour before the launch trying to figure out how to upload the book to Createspace and Kindle Direct. After that, I ran around like a headless chicken with my hair falling out, throwing on blusher and ear rings with two minutes to spare.

no.1 son

My expectation was that I was going to practice my speech at my leisure up to three times before the presentation.

The reality was I practiced it once in my bedroom moments before leaving for the venue at a run.


My expectation was that most of the hundred and fifty-odd friends, family and colleagues I’d invited, or…

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Great help for watercolor newbies

K. Ryan Henisey

Watercolor Workshop Part 1 Here.

Washes are the heart of watercolors. The smooth colors and gradients produced from a successful wash are hallmarks of the medium.

For parents, teachers and beginning artists, washes provide an excellent opportunity for practice and artistic exploration. Break out the paints, brushes and small cuts of paper; it’s time to get your art on.

Flat Wash

Start with a flat wash. Load your paintbrush with wet paint and quickly drag the brush across the page in an even stroke. Paint will collect at the bottom and ends of your wash. Don’t worry about that now.

Reapply pigment to your brush and repeat. Continue working quickly until your surface area is covered. When the whole page has pigment applied, use a dry sponge or paintbrush to collect any excess paint and water on the ends of your sheet. Allow your work to dry completely before continuing.

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Cutest Animal Odd-Couples

Wherever you roam today, be true to you.

Cutest Animal Odd-Couples: http://youtu.be/eeB2vVBOLOw

Hello world!

Hello everyone, I have moved my blog from https://kangaroobee.wordpress.com to http://catherinemjohnson.wordpress.com
please join me on my new blog. I’ve only changed the name. Thank you, Catherine

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