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Great help for watercolor newbies

Originally posted on K. Ryan Henisey:

Watercolor Workshop Part 1 Here.

Washes are the heart of watercolors. The smooth colors and gradients produced from a successful wash are hallmarks of the medium.

For parents, teachers and beginning artists, washes provide an excellent opportunity for practice and artistic exploration. Break out the paints, brushes and small cuts of paper; it’s time to get your art on.

Flat Wash

Start with a flat wash. Load your paintbrush with wet paint and quickly drag the brush across the page in an even stroke. Paint will collect at the bottom and ends of your wash. Don’t worry about that now.

Reapply pigment to your brush and repeat. Continue working quickly until your surface area is covered. When the whole page has pigment applied, use a dry sponge or paintbrush to collect any excess paint and water on the ends of your sheet. Allow your work to dry completely before continuing.

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Cutest Animal Odd-Couples

Wherever you roam today, be true to you.

Cutest Animal Odd-Couples: http://youtu.be/eeB2vVBOLOw

Hello world!

Hello everyone, I have moved my blog from https://kangaroobee.wordpress.com to http://catherinemjohnson.wordpress.com
please join me on my new blog. I’ve only changed the name. Thank you, Catherine

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